A+IIMBIBE SKILLS LLC, was incorporated in February 2017, governed by the Civil Code of the Republic of Armenia.
It is an innovative educational center that provides a variety of services, such as English language courses and other foreign languages, character development courses, TEFL certificate, and Study Abroad program. All our courses are interactive and give practical knowledge where trainees could apply in their everyday life; hence, our slogan is Learn, Practice, Apply, and Improve.

IIMBIBE SKILLS PVT LTD is incorporated under the Companies Act 2013, Ministry of Corporate Affairs,Govt of India.

We help bridge the road between campus and the world outside. Our bridge programmes meet the needs of learners of all levels where we hand-hold aspirants with the skills and confidence to excel in their current roles, meet their career goals, and prosper in their personal lives. Participants can select from a wide range of classes and services to meet their individual needs.

Our world class training programs match with global standards and are delivered by internationally certified highly qualified teachers who ensure that you develop the desired skills.

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Phone Number : 0353-2662667
Mobile Number : +919836714055 / 918336000702
Email :info@iimbibe.com /agnibesh@iimbibe.com / monalisa@iimbibe.com


Email : info@iimbibe.com

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